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Confused about how to sign up for our events on AUinvolve? Learn how to here!


While all UPC eventsĀ are free to students, some eventsĀ have limited attendance and require you to sign up on AUinvlove in order to guarantee a spot. If the Facebook group or other form of advertisement specifies that you must sign up on AUinvolve, be sure to follow these steps.


Step 1: Log into AUinvlove

Step 1

Step 2: Search and find UPC’s page

Step 2

Step 3: Click “Forms”

step 3

Step 4: Under forms, each event will have a specific link. Click on the link for the event you would like to attend.

Step 5: Fill out the entire form and **Click Submit**! If you do not click submit, your form will not be valid.


***Clicking submit does not guarantee you a spot at the event. You will receive a confirmation email if you had made the list.

*** RSVPing to an event on AUinvolve does not register as signing up. You must follow these steps in order to correctly secure a spot.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or Facebook message.

War Eagle,

Auburn UPC





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