Congratulations UPC Council 2016-2017!

Say hello to your new UPC Council!



Director- Brianna Carter

Assistant Directors-

Anne Faulkner

Devon Askins

Rachel Sterchi

Reed Rodich


Major Entertainment

Director- Haley Horn

Assistant Directors-

Austin Tynes

Emma Abele

Luke Dean

Rosemary Shelton


Speakers and Comedians

Director- Sarah Hudson

Assistant Directors-

Colleen Riordan

Katie Reiss

Ransom Creech



Director- Mandy Kelly

Assistant Directors-

Christina Camp

Callie Cardenas

Parker Cain



Director- Channah Fallin

Assistant Directors-

Beth Gill

Milin Vera

Peter Taliaferro


Special Projects

Director-Ashley Watts

Assistant Directors-

Bonnie DeCarlo

Hannah Bush

Kendall Davis


Technical Productions

Director- Chase Minor

Assistant Directors-

Carson Carson

John Resha

Ryan Nichols


Fine Arts

Director- Maddie Hickman

Assistant Directors-

Jamie Johnson

Livia Barrett

Tristan Watson


Public Relations

Director- Carter Brown

Assistant Directors-

Emily Brock

Katie Holton

Lauren Brands


Tiger Nights

Director- Sarah Sanders

Assistant Directors-

Alexa Russell

Anna Haydon

Evan Kinchler

Hayley Wright

Thank you to everyone who applied and interviewed for UPC this year! UPC has been humbled to meet so many worthy applicants. We are so excited to begin working with this team and begin an engaging, uplifting, and empowering year serving and unifying the campus through all facets of the University Program Council. We are so pumped to have you join our family!

-Auburn UPC 

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